Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year

So I have started a blog. Who would have thought? and what do I have to say?
A lot if I meet you in person, I would lay my whole life out in front of you if you ask. Testimony. A testament to God.
So what do you say to a cyber community? Do you pretend they are not there? Or do you pacify yourself with the thought that no one will probably read this blog anyway? Pretend it's your online personal journal and buck up the courage to write what you think and damn the consequences?!
What do I want this blog to be about? Well - art for one. This new year I am resolved to really investigate and find my own personal muse.... to focus. I am resolved to get involved with the internet art community via Flikr, Etsy, Facebook and this blog. I will be sharing photos of projects made by myself or of people who visit my shop and take part in the creativity and experience of art.

God - for two. Because He IS the first priority of my life. I put art in the number one postion because I have always spent time with God. In scripture, in Bible Study, in church, in life. But art is the reason I have gone cyber with it and Him.

Politics - for three. Part of living in the world and being in this online community is a recognition that we are all a part of this great big world. And we are all different, all have our own opinions, our own reasons, rationalizations, justifications, etc. etc. etc. And we should not be afraid to express them no matter what. That is freedom of speech and the foundation of democracy. From time to time I just might want to state what and who I stand for in this space. And so I will. On that note , I say to the Florida football player who wears his faith on the field - right on and God bless you.

And so I begin...

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