Friday, April 30, 2010


Ahh, spring. When a young man's fancy turns to love and Minnesotans to gardening. And who can blame them. After a long, cold winter we are experiencing a very mild and wonderful spring here in Benson. I just love the gardens here in our town. Most of them are beautiful and full of hidden treasures such as birdhouses, old antique pottery, and a wide variety of garden art. Inspired by a recent swap which involved birds I pulled out the miniature birdhouses I purchased last year during Crazy Days. I decorated these tiny havens with paper, ink, glue and paint. A final varnishing and they are ready to pop into large houseplants, peeking out of the foliage and bringing a little of the outside in for the year round garden enthusiast. Nicknamed "Sweet Tweets" Birdhouses here is a small sample... with more to come.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Continuity and Quilting

So much for blogging once a week. It sounds so easy until you find yourself with so little time. At any rate - I received a call this week about the Minnesota Quilt Show in St. Cloud. The show is Saturday, June 19th and a group of quilting ladies west of here know as the Hands Across the Lake Quilt Guild are sponsoring a bus trip to the show. To sign up call Erlys Sis at 320-839-3786. The bus will leave Milbank at 7 a.m., Ortonville at 7:20 and Benson at 8:05. This is a luxury bus tour for the cost of only $28. Reserve your spot, first come first served for seats. The show will have a variety of quilt styles, from heirloom, to contemporary. Special exhibits consist of children's quilts, State Fair quilts, Fiber Art collections, Studio Art displays, hand dying and surface design. Something for everyone! I won't want to miss it... don't you.