Friday, April 30, 2010


Ahh, spring. When a young man's fancy turns to love and Minnesotans to gardening. And who can blame them. After a long, cold winter we are experiencing a very mild and wonderful spring here in Benson. I just love the gardens here in our town. Most of them are beautiful and full of hidden treasures such as birdhouses, old antique pottery, and a wide variety of garden art. Inspired by a recent swap which involved birds I pulled out the miniature birdhouses I purchased last year during Crazy Days. I decorated these tiny havens with paper, ink, glue and paint. A final varnishing and they are ready to pop into large houseplants, peeking out of the foliage and bringing a little of the outside in for the year round garden enthusiast. Nicknamed "Sweet Tweets" Birdhouses here is a small sample... with more to come.

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