Saturday, October 16, 2010

TIME is My Enemy

With another year gone by and a birthday coming up TIME is on my mind. At this stage of my life opening this business was an effort to fulfill my desire to work as an artist. Trying to keep in mind Grandma Moses career as a folk artist took off when she was in her 60's I leapt into the fray. There is a warm and welcoming community of family and friends at Swift Weaver's/Bugs and Flowers without whose support I would not have had the heart to try. To all of you I say "Thank you."
Community support for local businesses is necessary if they are to succeed. In this day and age we also have to be aware of another type of community in which we must involve ourselves in order to succeed. And so this week I have spent TIME jumping into the arena of social media and the internet community. Along with this blog and a flickr site I now have a business facebook page and a twitter account. While the setup is fairly painless, as with all internet pursuits, it takes a large amount of one's TIME to post, upload pictures and design pages. However, in order to compete in this an ever evolving marketplace it is a must do. And so feeling a little like Alice down the rabbit hole I have taken the plunge. I am committed to updating my social sites a little more frequently in the hopes of at least establishing a small following of craft and fiber enthusiasts,especially those at home. With TIME as my enemy I prepare for battle. Next up - selling on Etsy and a website of my own. Yee hah!

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