Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blogging and Babies

Conner Trew
Not an easy task taking care of babies and finding time to blog! Having traveled to sunny Florida to assist my brother-in-law and wife with their new twin babies and bringing plenty of knitting projects and my laptop I find that just checking email is a challenge.
The twins are just precious, one month old tomorrow, a boy and a girl. He is a big eater and burper, she, much more ladylike, eats with a little kissing sound. It's amazing how fast it comes back to you: the jiggling, patting, walking and bouncing. All to get a baby to sleep! I have been helping with Sienna, their three year old also. She is very sweet and easy to entertain.

Kayla Trew
It is super hot for me here in Florida. In checking the weather back home I find that the cold has finally come to Benson. High's around 40 and snow on the way, while I sweat in 75 degrees. Thank God for air conditioning! While you may be envious I tell you it is not all too comfortable when you are not used to the heat and humidity any longer.

Mark and Marissa have a comfortable house, with lots of fruit trees in there yard. Pineapples, bananas, mangos, oranges and advocados all for the taking by stepping outside. Amazing! I am sure my two weeks here will go very quickly but I do look forward to being home even if it is freezing!

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